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The Conversation

The Conversation is an independent, nonprofit platform for informed commentary and analysis written by university faculty and researchers delivered direct to the public. It presents academics at all levels in their careers with an opportunity to be heard loud and clear through the creation of evidence-based analysis written in plain language and disseminated under Creative Commons licenses. 

Articles published in The Conversation are accessible by the general public and are republished by major news outlets (such as Time, CNN, Huffington Post, Newsweek and more) generating thousands of views across multiple platforms. In a partnership with the Associated Press, the AP is posting articles from The Conversation to its website and wire service, allowing for even more readership.

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Write for The Conversation

Writing for The Conversation is a great way to begin publicly communicating because you’re not doing it alone. You work collaboratively with an editor to write an explanatory story that is interesting, timely and authoritative.

The Conversation always is seeking ideas for stories, reactions to current events, and scholarly takes on the news. Learn more about pitching a story idea to the editors.

For more information about working with The Conversation, please contact Kim Ward at or (517) 432-0117.

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MSU faculty in The Conversation

Faculty who have been published one or more times. Click their names to view article(s):

  • Michael P. Holsapple, director and Endowed Chair of Center for Research on Ingredient Safety
  • Julie Funk, associate dean for Professional Academic Programs and Student Success
  • Johanna Schuster-Craig, assistant professor of German and global studies
  • Matthew L.M. Fletcher, professor of law and director of the Indigenous Law & Policy Center
  • Arend Hintze, assistant professor of integrative biology and computer science and engineering
  • Paul B. Thompson, professor and W. K. Kellogg Chair in Agricultural, Food and Community Ethics
  • Rebecca Jacobson, associate professor of teacher education
  • Jeff Grabill, associate provost for Teaching, Learning and Technology
  • Tomas Hult, Byington Endowed Chair, director of the International Business Center, Eli Broad College of Business
  • John Besley, associate professor, Brandt Chair in Public Relations
  • Russell Lucas, director of Global Studies in the Arts and Humanities, associate professor of Arab studies
  • Robert Root-Bernstein, professor of physiology
  • Kimberly Fenn, associate professor of psychology and principal investigator, MSU Sleep and Learning Lab
  • Mitchell Robinson, chair, music education
  • Philip Howard, associate professor, Department of Community Sustainability
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