Emergency Planning

Department/Unit Crisis Communications


Whenever an issue or crisis emerges, it is important to immediately accomplish several goals:

  • Gain situational awareness
  • Make contact with appropriate campus resources (CABS, MSU Police, etc.)
  • Prepare messaging and identify spokespeople, either internal or institutional level
  • Disseminate messaging on appropriate channels

We stand ready to assist, both in leading institutional-level messaging and assisting units/departments with messaging.

The following CABS staff members make up the core crisis communications team for Media Communications:

Primary Contacts

Kent Cassella
Assistant Vice President for Media Communications

Office:  (517) 355-2281

Cell: (517) 599-8537
Email: kent.cassella@cabs.msu.edu

Jason Cody
Media Communications Manager, Public Affairs Specialist

Office: (517) 432-0924

Cell: (734) 755-0210

Email: jason.cody@cabs.msu.edu

Backup Contacts

Lisa Mulcrone
Senior Communications Manager, MSUToday Editor 

Office: (517) 432-0922

Cell: (517) 285-1047

Email: lisa.mulcrone@cabs.msu.edu

Pam Jahnke
Assistant Director of Media Communications 

Office: (517) 432-0304 

Cell: (517) 944-5252

Email: pam.jahnke@cabs.msu.edu

Other Key Contacts

Heather Swain
Vice President, Communications and Brand Strategy

Office: (517) 355-2262

Cell: (517) 290-0534 

Email: heather.swain@cabs.msu.edu

Sgt. Florene McGlothian-Taylor
MSU Police 

Office: (517) 353-8502
Email: mcglothian@police.msu.edu