Media Communications Priority Areas

  • Research results that advance knowledge and demonstrate world-class quality and innovation
  • Application of knowledge in ways that address social and global problems and improve quality of life
  • Major grants, awards, and partnerships that reflect MSU’s excellence, demonstrate its value as a go-to partner, and illustrate its capacity to catalyze progress
  • International activity that demonstrates the breadth and stature of MSU’s global engagement and the significance of its global role
  • Economic development activity that shows MSU is an essential driver of competitiveness, quality of life, and prosperity in Michigan and that it is among the elite research universities that will help shape the future of U.S. competitiveness
  • Distinctions and innovations (first, best, only): ways in which MSU is ahead of the curve in creative thinking, intelligent risk taking, and setting the standard for higher education
  • Student experiences and opportunities that are exceptional and reinforce one or more of the priority areas listed above
  • A small number of carefully selected events based on news value and their alignment with the priorities listed above