Web and Social

CABS web and social media teams develop and manage university-level websites and social media channels, engaging and building community with Spartan audiences through strategic online communications.

We also work with the MSU community to help align unit online communications with the brand and shape the university’s reputation in online spaces.

What We Do

Manage Online Communications

We manage the msu.edu home page, MSUToday.msu.edu, and related websites that serve as front doors to MSU.

We engage audiences online through a number of channels, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and Snapchat. We can help you start meaningful conversations on a variety of social media platforms and understand what messages best resonate with your audience.


  • Website design and content management
    Maximize website effectiveness through metrics, content strategy, design, and development
  • Social media
    Provide resources to help units develop a social media presence that facilitates daily interaction and sharing with MSU audiences
  • MSU Web Standards
    Provide guidance for the elements and practices that are required for all MSU web pages
  • Usability and accessibility
    Follow best practices for removing barriers to information and website functionality

Website Design and Development

  • Planning
    Develop strategic communications and project plans for new or existing websites
  • Content
    Build information architecture for intuitive navigation and layout
  • Design
    Create engaging and intuitive websites that meet goals and connect with audiences
  • Development
    Code website designs using HTML, PHP, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Content management solutions
    Implement websites using the Hannon Hill Cascade Server content management system

Contact Us

For more information, e-mail contact@cabs.msu.edu or call (517) 355-7505.

Social media
CABS Digital Team at cabs.socialmedia@cabs.msu.edu or call (517) 355-7505

Content management solutions or Gotham web font
Michele Lemon at michele.lemon@cabs.msu.edu or call (517) 884-6830

Web design and development
Communications and Brand Strategy at contact@cabs.msu.edu or call (517) 355-7505